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TOKIについて         お部屋と施設・設備    初めてのゲストハウス     ローカルガイド          アクセス           質問       問い合わせ


As of June.1 2020, ​We will operate as below to prioritize the prevention of COVID-19 for our customers' health and safety.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Our operation

✔︎ Ventilation

✔︎ Installation of air desinfector

✔︎ Enhanced disinfection of frequently touched areas

✔︎ The staff do body condition check by ourselves and wear the face mask

Request to our guests

✔︎ Hand washing, Gargling and Hand disinfection

✔︎ Coughing manners

✔︎ Please inform staff if you are not feeling well 

Let's stay safe!

Thank you :)

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