Local Guides 

Location of TOKI is perfect for tourists as it's placed nearby the center of city Hakata station. Surrounded by local restaurants & bars, shopping and tourist spots.

You can easily access to other famous spots in Kyushu too.

We are happy to help you discover Kyushu, Japan. Please feel free to inquire us at the front desk. 

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Events in/around Fukuoka 


Hatsumode(Shirine visit of the new year), 

Hatsuhinode(watching first sunrise)

Some valentine events, Nagasaki Lantern Festival
Ohanami (Picnics with beauty of Cherry blossoms)
Ohanami (Picnics with beauty of Cherry blossoms), Yufuin onsen festival 
Hakata Dontaku festival(one of biggest festival in Japan), Arita pottery Festival  
Imari Furin festival (traditional wind chimes)
Hakata Gion Yamakasa(men racing through the streets while bearing 1-ton floats on their shoulders), Umibiraki(starting the season of sea)
Fireworks festival
Hojoya festival (lots of stalls in the shrine)
Some holloween events, October fest beer (with good beer!)
Ozumo Kyushu basho (Sumo wrestling), Saga baloon festival 


Some Christmas lighting, some new year countdown events

TOKI's neighbor, walking distance  

Convenience store (1-3min)
Sorrounded by three different convenience stores.
Supermarket (1-5min)
Three supermarkets in walking distance
Cafe (in front)
Good coffee and sandwitches♪
Izakaya (2-5min)
Enjoy local Izakaya dishes that is perfect combination with sake.
Ramen (2-5min)
Fukuoka's most popular local soul food, must try!
Sushi (in front)
The world most famous Japanese dish "Sushi"
Motsunabe (3min)
Famous Fukuoka's food with giblets cooked in a hot pot
Yakitori, Soba & more (within 5min)
Yakiniku, Udon, Okonomiyaki, most of popular Japanese foods are here!
Sento (10min)
Public bath/spa to experience taking bath in Japanese style.
JR Hakata city(15min)
A central hub for shopping, restaurants and railway, subway lines.
Canal city (16min)
Popular entertainment shopping mall with canal inside.
Yanagibashi (15min)
Fukuoka's kitchen where you can see local people's daily life.
Sumiyoshi shrine (7min)
Feel the ancient world even in the midst of busy city
Toryo park (2min)
Nice place to relax and stroll around.
Minoshima shopping street (2min)
This is deep Japan! A great place to catch a slice of local life here.

Within Fukuoka city, by bike or bus 

Nakasu district
The great place for night life in Fukuoka that has
lots of nightclubs, bars and YATAI(street foods).
Kushida shrine
Fukuoka's tutelary god known for Gion Yamakasa
Tenjin district
The biggest downtown area in Kyushu island known as a fashion capital. lots of shops, restaurants, bars.
Local street foods in Nakasu, Tenjin and Nagahama, this is Fukuoka's culture that you can not see in the other cities
Momochi district
Beach area in the city, Fukuoka dome stadium, Fukuoka tower and seaside momochi are here
Central park
Ohori park, Fukuoka castle
ruins, and some more parks
Hakata Teramachi
Shofukuji temple which first started "ZEN" in Japan
Marinoa city
The biggest outlet mall in Fukuoka
Art facilities
Kyushu national museum,
Fukuoka city museum,Fukuoka art museum
Fukuoka is good for cycling since everywhere
are flat, ask us the recomended route♪

Suburbs of Fukuoka, by train or car 

Dazaifu tenmangu shrine
Known as the Shinto deity of scholarship
Itoshima district
Beautiful peninsula with fresh seafoods!
Sasaguri nanzouin temple
The Biggest Bronze Statue in the World!?
Yanagawa river
Famous for river cruising and grilled Japanese eel.
Arita pottery
The roots of world famous Japanese ceramics.
Aso / Kuju distict
Dynamic mountain road, enjoy the driving and nature.
Kumamoto castle
A hilltop Japanese castle, large and well fortified
Natural Onsen
Lots of famous hot spring Kurokawa, Yufuin and Beppu
World heritage
Arao/Omuta coal mine, Yahata steal mill, and Nagasaki Gunkanjima which is the symbol of Japanese ruins boom that its shape looks like battleship
Nagasaki district
Oura church, Glover garden and Nagasaki peace park

Local Guided Tours 

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Activities in whole Japan  

Tenjin district

The biggest downtown area in Kyushu island known as a fashion capital. lots of shops, restaurants, bars.