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About us

TOKI is a small hostel (guesthouse) newly opening in the center of Hakata, Fukuoka in April 2018. Great access from Fukuoka Airport and Hakata station, 6min by subway and 15min on foot. While being located in urban area close to the Hakata station, you can feel the life of little local town.

A family-owned hostel where provide you beds and drinks, and local experiences.

Our concept is "your home in Fukuoka" where you can feel home even though you are away from home. We aim to provide you the cozy place you can feel home, socialize with people, and enjoy the life of little town as if you live here in Fukuoka. 

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Thoughts put into TOKI 

Our goal is to create an unforgettable moment "TOKI" in Japanese which can be a influence on your life even after the stay. Because of the moment you spend and shared here, we hope you discover something during the trip and reflect it back on your life…


『 T O K I 』

     T ・・・ Thanks (感謝)

     O ・・・ Opportunity (機会)

     K ・・・ Knowledge (知識)

     I ・・・ Influence (影響)


We hope all the guests get to enjoy Fukuoka Japan by sharing the moment “TOKI” with local people and those who from all over the world.

Hostel TOKI 

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